1,100 Shincheon-ji members that survived the coronavirus will donate their plasma.

A Shincheon-ji official announced on the 27th that “1,100 believers who were completely cured after being infected with coronavirus will donate their plasma through September 4th. Earlier, another group of about 628 believers from Daegu donated their plasma from July 13-17.”

The official stated, “Our church has not forgotten and we offer our sincere apologies for causing concern by causing a larging number of confirmed cases. We will continue to work closely with Korea CDC and make every effort to overcome coronavirus.”

Netizens responded to the news writing, “I’m sorry I cursed you at first.” “Shincheon-ji really turned it around.” “Let’s end the coronavirus as soon as possible.”

  1. [+3,984, -462] Good job. At least they’re better than other church kids these days.
  2. [+2,068, -142] Compared to Sarangjeil…Shincheon-ji are much better.
  3. [+1,843, -164] The word church is just a pseudonym for them…they’re a cult
  4. [+895, -89] They deserve the praise. You did well!
  5. [+419, -12] The people cursing them in the comments should make sure not to get any plasma treatment. At least they have some type of conscience to do this. I feel sorry that I cursed Shincheon-ji really hard when the news first came out. Churches around me are still doing mass gatherings even now and yet people are hell bent on being keyboard warriors 
  6. [+335, -13] I don’t know if they’re a cult or not but they’re at least better than Sarang jeil.
  7. [+280, -9] Seeing an 80 yr old bow down with his face to the ground to apologize, donate 20 billion won and now donating plasma..ah you did well. It’s better late than never.

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