Source: Seoul Newspaper

Fears of another Shincheon-ji level group infection are growing after 19 more people that visited the same Itaewon club test positive for coronavirus.

DongA Ilbo reporters toured six famous clubs in Itaewon after patient A that lives in Yongin, Gyeonggi province tested positive for coronavirus infecting many others in the area. According to reporters, those that visited the Itaewon club knew someone there had tested positive but didn’t think it was a big deal. 

A woman in her 20s not wearing a mask told reporters, “How can you enjoy yourself if you have to pay attention to each and every person that passes by. Even if you catch it you won’t die so why worry.”

According to the press team, those that visited the club that Thursday night 12:00 am KST when they visited lined up in front of the club, wrote down their name and phone number in the visitor list and marked “X” whether or not they had high fever, respiratory systems or if they had visited overseas. Otherwise, there were no other prevention rules posted or shared with customers that came and everyone took off their masks the minute they entered the club. Inside, more than 100 young men and women danced really close to each other and no one followed the social distancing rules of 1-2 meters. 

The same was observed at a club in Gangnam. Many young people danced shoulder-to-shoulder and masks were not enforced at all six clubs. A source from club industry stated, “It’s absurd to force customers that came to enjoy themselves to follow quarantine rules.”

In the meantime, Korean government issued an executive order recommending that all clubs, entertainment and karaoke bars across the country refrain from opening. However, this is only a recommendation and owners can choose to open shop if they choose to do so. 

An official from a large club in downtown Seoul told reporters,” we’re preparing a large-scale open event and invited a lot of people. The event is sold out already.”

In the meantime, a total of 40 people have tested positive for Coronavirus in Itaewon after visiting this same club. 


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