Update: Malicious comments posted on Naver

Hi All, Naver recently made an update to their portal regarding malicious comments that we wanted to share with you. Effective October 2019, Naver rolled out their ‘clean bot’ initiative regarding malicious comments posted on their site. First off, to leave a comment on Naver, users are required to sign […]

Rainbow’s Jisook is reportedly dating ‘Genius’ contestant Lee Doo Hee

Article: Rainbow’s Jisook and Lee Doo-hee confirm relationship rumors… “Met through common interests.” (official) Source: STAR News Former Rainbow member Kim Jisook (29) is reportedly dating ‘Genius’ contestant Lee Doo Hee (36). Jisook’s agency D’Most Entertainment confirmed the dating rumors on the 29th and said, “It’s true the two are […]

Hyuna raises expectations with new teaser photos for comeback

Article: Hyuna raises comeback expectations with new photos for ‘flower shower’ Source: Sports World Hyuna is raising expectations with her teaser photos. Her agency P-Nation shared concept photos for Hyuna’s new single ‘Flower Shower’. In the concept photos released, Hyuna captures the moment with flowers in a variety of styles […]