Shincheon-ji cult leader found to have embezzled 1.4 billion won and never paid employees

Article: “I’ll do OO when I get paid,”…a Shincheon-ji company staff swore Source: KBS Kim Nam Hee, Shincheon-ji cult leader, reportedly embezzled company funds and never paid employees. Lee Man Hee, the founder of Shincheon-ji cult had all employees sign a “confirmation vow” to donate their salaries to mission activities […]

82% of Shincheon-ji members tested confirmed positive for Coronavirus

Article: Shincheonji Daegu Churchgoers, “82% or 833 confirmed positive for Coronavirus” Source: Yonhap News 82% of the Shincheon-ji members tested have been confirmed positive for Coronavirus. According to a report by Yonhap news on the 27th, health authorities have begun testing ~10,000 Shincheon-ji members for the Coronavirus. Among those tested, […]

Twice members pressuring fans to stream their music?

Jungyeon: “Did you guys stream or not?!” “They said there are 55K viewers so there should be 55K streams…” (Twice members instructing how to stream silently) (Also instructing timing, downloading, and playlists for streaming) – Pann: What do you think about pressuring fans to stream like Twice is doing? 1. [+422, -33] […]