Twice members pressuring fans to stream their music?

Jungyeon: “Did you guys stream or not?!” “They said there are 55K viewers so there should be 55K streams…” (Twice members instructing how to stream silently) (Also instructing timing, downloading, and playlists for streaming) – Pann: What do you think about pressuring fans to stream like Twice is doing? 1. [+422, -33] […]

Seungri likely to be undergo military court trial for ‘Burning Sun’ charges

Article: [Comprehensive] Military Manpower Administration notifies Seungri of enlistment, “military court trial predicted if enlisted” Source: Yonhap News Former Big Bang member Seungri (30) will likely undergo military court trial. An official from the Military Manpower Administration [MMA] stated on the 4th, “We sent out a notice of entry to […]

YG cancels WINNER & AKMU concerts due to coronavirus

Article: YG, “Winner and AKMU’s concerts canceled due to Wuhan Coronavirus…tickets to be refunded” Source: Sports Donga YG Entertainment announced on February 3rd: “Hello, this is YG Entertainment.” “As efforts are underway around the world to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections (2019-nCoV), YG is also paying close attention […]