SF9 Rowoon becomes Gongcha model

Pann: Gongcha reveals its new model (Rowoon will be the model for 6 months from April 14) 1. [+183, -5] Lee Seunggi and then Rowoon. I can see what type of model Gongcha is going for ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 2. [+116, -2] I can see Gongcha’s type. It’s totally my type, too. […]

[Love of 7.7 Billion] Discusses COVID19 with Abnormal Summit guests

Article: ‘Love of 7.7 Billion’ Tyler, “In the US, the cost of testing COVID19 is up to $4,000” Source: The Celeb via Nate 1. [+977, -18] Our country’s strength is our healthcare system. What’s with the brainless politicians, hospital owners, and big corporations demanding to privatize medical system like the […]

Quick update regarding Naver comments

Hi All, Just wanted to give a quick update to fans about a recent change made by Naver. Effective March 5th KST, the Naver comments on articles posted in the “entertainment” news section has been turned off and as such users are no longer able to leave comments on trending […]

Shincheon-ji lecturer confirmed to have infected six people including an elementary student

Article: Six people, including an elementary school student from Suwon Church confirmed to have caught the corona…”attended the same service” Source: JTBC Another group infection from a Shincheon-ji member has been discovered in Suwon. On the 19th, A listened to a lecture given by an outside instructor B, a Shincheon-ji […]