Psy’s father purchases a 4.3 billion won building in Seongsu-dong

Article: [Exclusive] Psy’s father purchases Lotte Giants pitcher Song Seung-jun’s Seongsu-dong building for 4.3 billion won Source: Daily Economic Star via Naver Park Wonho (70), Psy’s father, is making headlines for purchasing a building worth 4.3 billion won. Lotte Giants pitcher Song Seung Jun purchased the building in 2016 for 2.7 […]

Police find texts that prove Cho ordered hidden cameras installed at Bomi and Shin Se Kyung’s rooms

Article: [Exclusive] Cho Joo-bin “In the past, I commissioned Shin Se-kyung and Bo-mi’s hidden camera installations, I did it” Source: Wikitree Police have found texts in Cho Joo Bin’s Telegram chatrooms during investigation that prove he ordered hidden cameras installed at Apink Bomi (27) and actress Shin Se Kyung (30)’s […]

A 40 year old man jumps to his death at Han River due to anxiety over Cho’s “Nth Room” investigation

Article: [Exclusive] “Anxiety over how things would grow,”…A man in his 40s makes an extreme decision Source: MBN A 40 year old office worker has committed suicide at Han River because of Cho’s “N bang” incident. Police found a man who had committed suicide at the Yeongdongdaegyo Bridge at Han […]

SF9 Rowoon becomes Gongcha model

Pann: Gongcha reveals its new model (Rowoon will be the model for 6 months from April 14) 1. [+183, -5] Lee Seunggi and then Rowoon. I can see what type of model Gongcha is going for ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 2. [+116, -2] I can see Gongcha’s type. It’s totally my type, too. […]

Police uncover secret Telegram chatrooms with “Deep Fake” molka of female idols and celebrities

Article: [Exclusive] ‘Famous idol deep fake’ telegram room discovered… Police, “Strict investigation” Source: News1 Police have uncovered “Deep Fake” molka chatrooms of Korean female idols and celebrities. While investigating Cho’s controversial “Nth Room” and “Baksa” rooms, police discovered secret telegram rooms exclusively for adult “Deep Fake” molka materials, where users […]