Article: A woman in her 20s confirmed with Coronavirus spits in the face of a health worker transporting her…”reviewing the complaint”


A woman in her 20s, B, reportedly spit in the face of a health worker transporting her to the hospital.
According to a Daegu County official, “B was confirmed to have the Coronavirus around 3am Friday and while transferring her to Daegu Medical Center, she spit on a 44 yr old health worker, cursing her and another nurse for waking her up at dawn to transport her to the hospital in an ambulance.

The health worker immediately got examined and is currently under quarantine. Her results are expected to come out within one or two days.

A Dalseong County union official stated, “We are considering filing a complaint with the police against B on charges of obstruction of justice and more after consultation with the victim.”

  1. [+8,879, -137] This is plain ridiculous. I’m speechless.
  2. [+4,178, -67] Women her age must be pseudo-professionals and psychopaths.
  3. [+2,417, -11] She needs to be restrained in a jail cell.
  4. [+1,185, -9] Jail is the only answer!!!
  5. [+760, -4] She doesn’t deserve to be treated. She needs to be quarantined in prison.
  6. [+328, -1] If the health worker is confirmed to have the Corona she should sue for murder
  7. [+232, -2] I’m really curious what kind of parents raised someone like her. Her parents sound like they’re similar to Lee Chun Jae.
  8. [+219, -1] The health workers in Daegu can’t even sleep right now and have to work 24/7 because of the Corona and she dared to do that? She needs to be in jail. 
  9. [+167, -0] Is she human? Who would do such a thing?
  10. [+104, -0] She needs to be punished in order to protect all the health workers in the field.
  11. [+91, -0] She doesn’t even deserve to use the toilet at the hospital. She should be using the porta-potty outside.
  12. [+30, -0] She needs to be in prison for 30 years. That’s attempted murder.

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