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A male netizen has asked women to stop wearing leggings when going on a hike.

On the 24th, a post titled “Please don’t go hiking in leggings” was posted on Nate’s forum community, Pann catching attention.

The author wrote, “Whenever I go hiking, it’s not just one or two women that blatantly show off their bare backs. Honestly isn’t it embarrassing for you? It’s even more painful for the person in the back. Imagine having someone’s bare butt twitching in front of your nose like that. It’s really dirty.”

He added. “I don’t know if it helps to wear a long T-shirt but please do not wear a small tee. Otherwise the other person is in pain especially if its apricot leggings…please think of our eyes too.”

Netizens shared reactions to the article writing, “if you have to wear it then please wear dark colors instead of bright ones. “I’m embarrassed.” “I’m a woman too but I don’t like seeing someone dressed like that.” “Just think if a man was walking in the opposite way wearing just leggings.”

  1. [+377, -16] You can try to look away but you just can’t help it. That’s why it’s uncomfortable. You’re free to wear them but why get mad at us if we look? Is it a crime? How are we supposed to be at ease?ㅋㅋ
  2. [+286, -8] I saw a woman wearing leggings like that when I went hiking as a choding. Even the woman got embarrassed because I kept looking. Especially her hips in them..
  3. [+138, -5] Why not admit that women are free to wear whatever they like but men aren’t allowed the freedom to look..
  4. [+122, -7] When I first saw a woman wearing leggings on my way home from work, I was speechless. I thought she was naked. I think this comment will be deleted if I write my real thoughts..
  5. [+103, -3] I hate women that wear leggings..even if you try hard you can’t help but look
  6. [+27, -0] Its embarrassing as a fellow woman too…please only wear sportswear during workouts!!!
  7. [+26, -0] You would think women like that are so confident in their body and that’s why they wear tight leggings to show off. But from our standpoint after talking to them it’s actually the opposite.

What are your thoughts on the netizen’s post? 

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