Police have arrested an operator from another Telegram chatroom who reportedly distributed over 8,000 illegally filmed molka. But it turns out that A is reportedly a Buddhist monk.

According to a report by TV Chosun, Monk A (30s) ran a total of four pornography sites since 2016 and avoided tracking by police by operating his server overseas. However, in September last year, the Korea Women Human Rights Agency asked for an investigation into a “vicious site” and through investigations police were able to catch his tail.

A reportedly obtained video clips of child exploitation videos shared on Cho Joo Bin’s “Nth Room” and redistributed them to his own Telegram chatrooms that he personally operated.  He made money by redistributing over 950 cases of child exploitation and 8,000 pornography videos.

Police are investigating whether A was involved in the production of the illegal molka but according to a prosecution official, “they have yet to discover a connection between monk A and Cho Joo Bin.”

A was arrested last month and put on trial yesterday and the prosecution is currently tracking his crime profits that he’s hiding from police.

  1. [+919, -6] I’m sure there’s a lot of religious ba$tards in that chatroom..
  2. [+520, -3] So why was he visiting there [the chatroom]? 
  3. [+238, -8] This is why we need to clean up these religious cults…so many decent people are treated like dogs and cows and easily fooled by these thugs..
  4. [+272, -54] Since the beginning of time, people that become monks are generally those that want to avoid working and want to live life eating and thinking all day long..
  5. [+201, -6] Why is a monk visiting the “nth room”?
  6. [+32, -2] He’s not a monk guys…please don’t generalize and blame other people that are truly righteous monks..
  7. [+21, -0] Reveal his name
  8. [+20, -0] Omg I thought they meant his nickname was monk..is this for real? I’m in shock.

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