Article: AKMU “We’re happy at YG”….Comeback after two years, thirst for music and growth 

Source: Sports Chosun

AKMU have addressed fan requests to leave the agency.

The sibling duo held a press conference on the 25th at CGV Cheongdam Cine City in southern Seoul to commemorate their release of third full-length album “Hanghae (Sailing).”

They discussed how much they’ve changed with Chanhyuk joining the military in 2017 stating “that through the process they’ve grown to respect each other a lot.” 

Suhyun stated, “My brother prepared for the solo album while in the army and it was really hard for me with him gone. I missed him a lot and before his return to AKMU, he wrote to me that he would be an adult and bear the weight of the group. We’re now working together without fighting, we respect each other a lot.”

When asked about the ‘Burning Sun‘ scandal and Yang Hyun Suk‘s exit with fan requests to leave, Chanhyuk stated, “We understand what our fans are worried about and have really thought about it. We love all the people we work with and we work together all night long and are happy together everyday. We’d like to spend more time showing you good results and believe it or not, we’re happy at YG. We’re doing what we really want to do and still have a lot to learn.”

In the meantime, AKMU’s third full length album ‘Sailing‘ will be released on the 25th at 6:00pm KST. Chanhyuk’s first novel ‘Fish meets water’ will be released on the 26th.

  1. [+3,574, -215] Please don’t re-sign.
  2. [+1,189, -183] Please leave the pharmacy…Lee Hi is still tied up on a 10-yr contract so just move to a better agency where you can freely release music.
  3. [+401, -21] But AKMU seems to be releasing albums just fine.
  4. [+174, -15] I know everyone wants them to go to Antenna but the reason why their albums come out well is because its YG. 
  5. [+163, -53] They’re free to make the kind of music they want there and can make enough money to pay the bills. Music, design, and music videos from YG are also high-quality. 
  6. [+142, -21] If you’re a fan then just respect their wishes. They’re smart kids so I’m sure they’ll take care of themselves.
  7. [+111, -7] What’s up with that reporter’s provoking title? I’m not saying YG is a saint but you gotta admit they produce high quality music. Did you expect them to curse out the agency that promotes them?

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