Article: Big Hit’s stock price cut in half due to massive shareholder sell-offs

Source: Hankyung

Big Hit, which has BTS, entered the stock market on the 15th but the cheers were brief.

The agency only stayed on the upper limit for two minutes and since then stock prices have been falling and investors have incurred massive losses. The closing price as of 23rd was 172,500 won. The loss rate for investors who bought at upper limit on first day is over 50%.

One of the angry investors wrote, “This is the biggest con operation since Dangun. This is about major shareholders selling their shares in large quantities causing the stock value to be cut in half. There were stock sell-ofs on first day of listing with no protection deposit and all the ants bought them up.”

Controversy over huge sell-offs of stock aiming at loopholes in the system is not expected to subside. 

  1. [+1,183, -59] I thought it was overvalued too, so I rightly sold it. What’s wrong with that? Anyone else that thought it was overvalued did the same thing. We were all taking risks in this situation. Only fools would’ve gone back and bought more shares..
  2. [+390, -20] Valuable stocks will rise no matter how many get sold off. Even when stock prices go up, there are always people selling and some buying and vice-versa. Why are you accusing others of pulling a con when you bought them on your own when they were sold.
  3. [+332, -38] Si hyuk-ah, let’s lose weight. What’re you going to do later with all that money? You’re extremely obese and it’s not clear whether you’ll make it past today or tomorrow. If you wait until your health deteriorates further it’ll be too late. The time to lose weight is now ~ Don’t wait and regret later. Earning tens of billions of won is not what’s important right now. 
  4. [+205, -18] I did it too. 
  5. [+110, -11] Dynamite
  6. [+85, -1] Big Hit’s share price isn’t normal. It’s not like they have any other intangible asset outside of BTS. The answer is to cut it off fast. Don’t regret it. 
  7. [+29, -3] offering price of $135,000? Doesn’t that mean the stock price is up if its around 170,000 now? These ants are high of their own lacking abilitiesㅋ.
  8. [+8, -0] ㅋㅋ Look at SM and YG stocks. Was Big Hit’s share price normal in the first place?

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