Article: Apink’s Son Naeun criticizes ‘Gayo Daechukje’…”I’m sorry we couldn’t show you our stage until the end, we will ask for fairer treatment”

Source: Xsports News via Nate

While performing at the KBS Gayo Daechukje on the 27th, Apink’s stage was cut off mid-performance and the screen cut away to something else and the members were shooed off the stage.

Member Son Naeun addressed her disappointment on her Instagram on the 28th writing, “There are a lot of upsetting things that happened at the year-end festival. It was very upsetting that we couldn’t show the performance that we worked really hard on and prepared for since early morning…no actually since the pre-recording (special stage) yesterday. It was shame that we couldn’t show you the stage in its entirety. I hope in the future we can have a safe and fair environment to perform in so that we can finish the year with good feelings.”

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  1. [+1,568, -80] The comments here are not getting it. She never asked for any special treatment. She was just asking for Apink to perform the stage time promised. Isn’t that fair? Why would KBS cut them off like that? It was so random that a staff on set there thought it was an accident ㅋㅋㅋ
  2. [+1,391, -70] KBS you thugs..just why
  3. [+1,303, -58] Apparently they didn’t even get to rehearse? This so unfair. KBS has been such a mess this year
  4. [+117, -80] They should’ve been allowed to finish their stage. Even I thought the whole thing was ridiculous. Why cut them off like that..
  5. [+101, -5] No wonder. I had a feeling the ending was weird ㅋㅋㅋIf you’ve invited groups to perform on your program give them the proper treatment they deserve. Why invite more groups than you can handle?
  6. [+84, -10] She’s right. She has a right to ask for fair treatment…why hate on her
  7. [+67, -7] I agree with her 100%, KBS should reflect over this. Son Naeun fighting ㅋㅋ
  8. [+52, -15] Park Chorong even cried during her vlive. This is too cruel I feel so sorry for her.
  9. [+45, -19] I don’t know why everyone treats these broadcast companies like they’re gods..

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