Feeling the ancient history of Egypt

Extinction of mammoths – 1000 years after the Pyramid was built When the Pyramid was being built – Korea was just entering the Bronze Age During the Roman Empire, the Pyramid was already an ancient relic The period before the birth of Cleopatra is longer than the period between Cleopatra’s […]

Ranking of celebrities who divorced the fastest

Actress Chae Jung An & salaryman Kim Sang Chul – Divorced after a year and 6 months – Reason for divorce: personality difference Entertainer Kim Sae Rom & chef Lee Chan Oh – Divorced after a year and 4 months – Reason for divorce: conflict Singer Lee Sang Min & […]

Funny lyrics – K-POP, K-FANS

Funny lyrics – K-POP, K-FANS Funny lyrics Violeta – IZONE“I can sense the scent even when I close my eyes” – You can obviously smell when you close your eyes Limitless – NCT127“Look at us who are free, we’re free” – This is the same as “Look at us who […]