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Blind items from the past months


– Idol-turned-actress C is infamous for remodelling her face without a break. Since transforming as an actress, she’s been going to her plastic clinic non-stop because she’s never satisfied with her face. Because of this, C’s cute, quirky face lost its charm. Those who haven’t seen her in a while don’t even recognize her. C’s mother had enough and warned her, “If you get work done again, I’ll disown you.” It’s a pity how nothing else can seem to help with her self-esteem. (Jan 21)
– Multi-entertainer D is an official homebody because when she doesn’t have schedules, she never goes outside. Actually, it was found that even at home, she can never take a break because she’s busy dating around. D is known for her thirst for men. D was burned by paparazzi once. Since then, she started having home dates only. She was seeing a singer E briefly. When E enlisted, she jumped onto an artist F right away. Shortly after, she switched to a hallyu star G. At this point, she’s an “artist killer”. Because of D’s homebody life, D’s actress friends who ate and drank non-stop with her gained too much weight and are struggling as well. (Jan 7)
– Top star A is called a ‘goddess’ but on the inside, she’s struggling with her husband who cheats on her all the time. She doesn’t want a divorce either because she doesn’t want her financials to be affected by the divorce. Whenever A hears about her husband’s “women”, she would take her husband to an overseas trip. She would take pictures with him while holding hands at overseas and cease down the rumors. It’s unbelievable that one can even cheat with someone like A. (Dec 10, 2020)
– ‘Icon of plastic surgery’ female star B is pulling a James Bond to get plastic surgery. Despite numerous issues, B is known for her great singing talent. When she signed with her current agency, one of the terms on the contract was “no more plastic surgery”. However, it’s not easy to quit an addiction. At first B seemed to have stopped getting work done. But she got caught going to a plastic clinic by her agency. As a result her manager had to guard outside of B’s home. But B wasn’t about to give up that easily. B would invite a close friend to her place and pretend they’re just hanging out. After that, she would call two taxis, she and her friend would ride each taxi, and have the manager following the wrong taxi. B’s agency is worried about B’s looks that are just getting worse and worse. (Oct 17, 2020)
– Idol group F has promotions in various fields, but there are internal conflicts within the group. A member G, born in 1997, is the center of the conflict. G is in charge of brightness and energy in the group. G has many connections with other idol groups. Since a lot of 97’ers are actively promoting in the industry, G is busy expanding his/her connections. In the beginning of the year, G was invited to a group chat full of popular 97’ers and his/her affection for their group seems to have gone away. G would tell his/her members, “My friends are all doing well, what the hell is with you guys?” or “My group will flop except me.” G should realize that they’re nothing without their group. (Jul 31, 2020)

(Source: Newsen)

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