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Fans are demanding action from YG regarding BLACKPINK.

On the 16th, a “protest” truck was seen at YG Entertainment headquarters in Hapjeong-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul with an LED display that highlights demands from fans. 

Among the demands by Blinks was at least two comebacks a year for the group, release of the promised solo projects and to let the group go on various broadcasts and variety shows. Fans also demanded YG let the girls attend year-end ceremonies. 

BLACKPINK has yet to make a comeback since their ‘Kill This Love‘ promotions in April and have instead been focusing on overseas activities and tours in Japan and the U.S. In addition, fans have yet to see solo promotions by Rose, Jisoo, and Lisa that were promised after Jennie‘s ‘SOLO‘. 

In the meantime, YG has released a statement stating “that BLACKPINK are currently recording their new song and will make a comeback early next year.”

  1. [+408, -53] For how long should Blink keep working hard like this? BLACKPINK is a successful idol group worldwide and their concert and music sales prove this. They’re fully entitled to a comeback and music activities. YG please listen to Blink requests #BLINKSDemandForBLACKPINK.
  2. [+210, -38] These are basic requirements that fans shouldn’t even have to ask for. All we want is a BLACKPINK comeback. 
  3. [+210, -38] We’re not asking for anything difficult. We’re only asking for this much so please just do it. 
  4. [+116, -40] BLACKPINK hasn’t had one regular album in three years. A three-year idol group only has 13 songs to their name with one comeback a year and don’t attend any year-end ceremonies. It’s so unfair as a YG artist. It’s time to keep your promise from last year. 
  5. [+77, 8] JISOO SOLO
  6. [+55, -5] When will Jisoo be in a drama!!!
  7. [+54, -3] BLACKPINK Jisoo solo and drama please
  8. [+46, -1] BLACKPINK JISOO CFs??
  9. [+41, -22] How long are you going to keep Blink waiting??
  10. [+37, -21] YANG HYUN SUK, please step down as major shareholder. Because of you there are no YG artists on broadcast or events. It’s obvious YG has a problem with managing their singers since at least ten people CL, Park Bom, Epik High all couldn’t release an album at YG and terminated their contracts. If you can’t let BLACKPINK, Lee Hi or AKMU release an album just let them go. I have defended this rogue company for a long time only to see them hold onto these young kids and waste their talents. No more. Yang Hyun Suk needs to step down!!
  11. [+23, -15] Yea, Blinks did that. BLACKPINK IS SUPERIOR

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