Article: [Exclusive] In-hye Oh, died of heart arrest on the 14th… funeral hall at Inha Hospital on 16th

Source: Dispatch

Actress Oh In-hye has reportedly passed away after alleged suicide. 

The actress was found unconscious by an acquaintance at her home in Songdo, Incheon at around 5:00am on the 14th and was rushed to the nearby hospital. She appeared to show signs of improvement but had a cardiac arrest and passed away later that day. 

Her mortuary has been set up at funeral hall at Inha University hospital and funeral will be held quietly. 

Police are currently investigating the exact cause of death but it is believed she made an extreme choice.

Oh In-hye is well known for her 2011 film ‘Red vacation Black Wedding‘ has been active in various movies, dramas, and broadcasts. She also recently opened a YouTube channel. 

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