Source: iMBC

Han Seo Hee has reportedly tested positive for drugs after a recent urine test. 

According to an exclusive report by E Today on the 10th, the Ministry of Justice conducted an unannounced urine test on Han Seo Hee on the 8th that reportedly came back positive. 

Han Seo Hee was sentenced to four years probation in September 2017 for smoking marijuana with Big Bang member TOP. This means that she violated her probation therefore a prosecution investigation is inevitable. 

A city government official told E Today, “drug offenders can be randomly tested for drugs during their probation period and a prosecution investigation is inevitable if the test comes back positive. In Han’s case, we cannot overlook the fact that she could face a three-year prison sentence that was suspended for probation.”

In the meantime, Han Seo Hee recently opened a new Instagram account and left a message stating simply, “Again.”

It appears Han Seo Hee has made her Instagram account private.

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