Article: [BREAKING] Red Velvet cancels fan meet on the 24th due to Irene’s controversy

Source: Hankyung

Red Velvet’s fan meet scheduled for the 24th has been canceled.

The Korean Cultural Festival announced on their social media on the 23rd, “Red Velvet’s online fan meeting scheduled for the coming 24th has been canceled to due to artist circumstances.” 

Red Velvet were scheduled to hold a fan meeting as global Korean Wave ambassadors however it seems like the schedule has been canceled due to Irene’s controversy over abusing her staff.

Since stylist A exposed her on the 22nd, the controversy is growing as more staff are coming forward alleging that they experienced similar treatment from Irene in the past. 

  1. [+177, -21] Just like Jimin left AOA, Irene needs to withdraw from Red Velvet. The other members have to survive too.
  2. [+64, -7] Isn’t this the same group that said it was an honor to meet Kim Jong-unㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  3. [+56, -6] I’ve seen a lot of articles coming out trying to shield them but it doesn’t take away from the fact that she abused her staff ㅋㅋㅋ
  4. [+51, -3] Disband the group ~ SM is responsible for this ~ What were they doing debuting someone with terrible character like her? Stylists and managers are all family members but they are now people that sacrifice their lives for celebrities. What century does she think we’re all living in right now? 
  5. [+44, -0] People wouldn’t be cursing her so much right now if the shield posts came from other people in the industry outside of those in Irene’s circle. All the articles shielding her are coming from her own company. 
  6. [+29, -5] ⓘ This comment was deleted due to Irene’s abuse of power.
  7. [+23, -1] So we need to forgive her because she’s pretty? What the f*** is that logic??ㅋㅋ So pathetic and unreasonable. How would this logic make sense in any other country?
  8. [+12, -0] Leave Irene alone! F*** off!
  9. [+11, -0] She is someone with a mean and dirty temper and easily irritable. I can understand if this was some minor tiff but who sticks a finger in someone’s face and steps on them like that. This is not something anyone human does to another. 
  10. [+9, -0] Is this why SM poured money into Naver? Irene disappeared from Naver’s real-time keyword search. All her articles are buried in a corner where you can’t see them. This is making me hate her even more. 

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