Source: Joongang

Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon was found dead early Thursday morning after a 7 hour search. 

A police official confirmed the news on the 10th stating that Mayor’s body was found near Sukjeongmun while searching the area around Bukaksan Mountain where he was last seen. 

Two ambulances reportedly arrived near Waryong Park and the Furniture Museum in Seongbuk-dong around 12:20 KST. 

  1. [+5,349, -280] Please don’t glamorize politicians that commit crimes then commit suicide. They don’t deserve any special treatment. They’re a bunch of disgusting cowards.
  2. [+4,300, -73] What is this? How can the mayor of Seoul do this??
  3. [+520, -18] Ugh I’m so angry! If you did something that made you so embarrassed and scared you shouldn’t have done it in the first place..What is this..seriously? 
  4. [+869, -495] Let’s leave the left/right party thing aside, may he rest in peace.
  5. [+393, -23] Ugh, I’m so embarrassed. The mayor of the capital city of Korea not only committed crimes but committed suicide over can you be so irresponsible?
  6. [+362, -9] This is the most disgraceful resignation ever
  7. [+212, -9] What do you expect the victims to do when you run away like this? You should’ve lived and paid for your crimes. Even for his supporters this is too embarrassing. Just so irresponsible!

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