Source: Hankyung

Mayor Park Won Soon‘s daughter has reported her father is missing.

According to police, the daughter reported to the police at 5:17pm on the 9th that “her father left home four to five hours ago, leaving words that sounded like a will.” At that time, Mayer Park Won Soon’s phone had been turned off and his last known location was near Seongbuk-dong. 

Police have deployed drones and police dogs to try and locate the missing Mayor.

An official from the Seoul Metropolitan Government stated, “Mayor Park did not come to work today due to health problems. As a result, we announced in the morning that we would cancel all his schedules.”

Some have heard some unconfirmed rumors that Mayor Park has been embroiled in allegations of “Me Too” but the Seoul Metropolitan Government refuted the rumors stating they were “groundless.” However, there are reports that a Me Too was actually filed and received. 

In the meantime, police stated it was difficult to reveal more details in order to maintain security. His phone is still said to be off and the Mayor’s last Facebook post the day before stated, “The goal is to create a sustainable city where people, nature, and the future coexist.”

Police have set up a police line at the Seoul mayor’s official residence in case of a contingency.

  1. [+7,926, -1,290] So he did something wrong after all. Pay for your sins first before you go!
  2. [+6,304, -1561] So Park Won Soo has a “Me Too” tag now too..this sexist party is all the same. It’s getting boring.
  3. [+3,724, -351] So he received money but it wasn’t a bribe / Had a relationship with his secretary but it wasn’t because he was asserting his power / He bought dozens of Jeoksan houses in Mokpo but didn’t know they were cultural assets / He didn’t know a single thing about private equity funds but still put all his money into it. / Said the Wuhan Virus in Korea was spread by Koreans / DongYang University citations and KIST intern certifications turned out to be fake but he doesn’t know the originals are or who wrote up the fakes / The mayor of Busan has already been thrown under the bus but it looks like Mayor of Seoul is still standing strongㅋㅋ
  4. [+3,571, -504] How is the Minjoo party any different? They pretend to be so innocent in front of the public but are caught up in rumors of taking bribes and Me Too crimes. It looks like their supporters got played into giving them 180 seats. 
  5. [+701, -29] Make sure you don’t die. If the Me Too is really true you need to pay for it first. 
  6. [+513, -9] Why are you using weird words writing “Me Too”. Just say it’s a sex crime report ㅋㅋㅋ.
  7. [+482, -16] Stop asking for pity. Why kill yourself when you’re so confident. Police have confirmed the Me Too has been filed alreadyㅋ. 

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