Article:¬†“Twitter’s new world record” BTS’ V, 1st-26th top trending hashtags¬†

Source: Segye

On the 30th, Twitter was transformed into a purple festival to celebrate V’s birthday.

Twitter was flooded with fans from around the world including international media to celebrate BTS V‘s birthday. The explosive response for his birthday caused a total of 28 hashtags to trend in real-time simultaneously on Twitter, creating a series of new records.

According to allkpop, V was the top trending person in social media achieving Twitter’s best record ever. In particular, ‘#HappyVDay‘ broke the 4 million tweet mention volume, making it one of the top 6 Twitter hashtag records of all time, with 5 other hashtags simultaneously trending exceeding the 1 million tweet mentions.

In China, V ranked first as the most trending celebrity on Weibo, an SNS platform with over 450 million users. Over 36 cities across China displayed 4,480 pyeong ‘LED screen’ with video recordings of the BTS member. Also, 300 drones and lanterns decorated the night sky in Beijing and North Korea.

Fans also held birthday ads in New York’s Times Square, Japan, Vietnam, and Korea.

  1. [+1,262, -120] V set Twitter’s world record on his birthday! That’s a record that will never be achieved again! In addition, #HappyVday has surpassed 4 million mentions…he is the undisputed kpop king even trending #1 on Weibo and Japan!!
  2. [+852, -76] It’s great seeing only good things happening to our beautiful Tae Tae. Happy Birthday V!
  3. [+98, -3] It was a worldwide festival for our V…Happy Birthday King Taehyung!
  4. [+81, -3] Every year V’s birthday becomes a global festival! That’s so awesome!
  5. [+76, -6] Nothing short of top class for V!
  6. [+14, -1] I just want everyone to know that V is the most wonderful person that returns love to fans as much as he gets…2020 fighting!
  7. [+3, -0] Wow that’s awesome! I can’t believe he was #1 worldwide!

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