Article: [Comprehensive] “Looking at you in bed”…C Jamm’s daring ♥ stagram, full of love for his girlfriend

Source: Sports Chosun

C Jamm is causing a stir online with his recent “lovestagrams”. 

The rapper posted several photos of his girlfriend on his Instagram where she’s seen drying her wet hair and changing clothes. He also shared a photo of his girlfriend lovingly caressing his cheek.

When netizens left him hate comments over the posts he warned, “You’ll be hearing from my girlfriend and I’s lawyer. Very soon.”

C Jamm was the runner-up for Mnet’s “Show Me The Money 5” that aired in 2016. He was sentenced to suspended 1.5 yr prison sentence for two year probation for abusing drugs.

  1. [+3,082, -45] He’s probably thinking he looks cool but its actually embarrassing and cringe.
  2. [+1,986, -47] Is this the hip hop swag rappers always talk about?  He probably thinks he’s all that just because he made some money from festivalsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. University festivals that call arrogant hip hop thugs like him are the problem. 
  3. [+992, -29] Druggie
  4. [+811, -23] Oh, my eyesㅡㅡ
  5. [+377, -6] If you really love someone, you won’t upload photos like that. He knew he’d get malicious comments but he uploaded them anyway to show off. Why would you post photos of your girlfriend in her underwear? Druggie. Don’t come out anymore.
  6. [+344, -5] He must’ve not had a girlfriend before
  7. [+194, -6] Her parents must be so upset~
  8. [+52, -2] The drug laws in our country are too weak
  9. [+49, -1] Why post photos like that..ugh~
  10. [+23, -1] Isn’t this molka? Why take photos of your girlfriend washing up, changing clothes and putting on her makeup?

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