Police Chief accused of colluding with Seungri during Burning Sun investigations acquitted of all charges

The Seoul Central District Court has acquitted Police Chief Yoon of all charges. According to a report by Segye, Senior Superintendent Yoon was booked for suspicions of covering up criminal activities of members in a chatroom after his name was mentioned several times as the “police chief” in a katalk chatroom […]

[T/W] ‘Burning Sun’ MD that filmed and distributed rape video of drugged victim sentenced in court

**T/W** Details of r*pe and assault Source: Kyunghyang ‘Burning Sun‘ MD that filmed and circulated rape videos has been sentenced in court. According to reports, Burning Sun MD ‘A‘ who was indicted for charges of violating Special Act on Punishment of Sexual Assault Crimes underwent his first trial on the 12th […]

Fans trend #TakeCareSeungri ahead of Seungri’s upcoming army enlistment

Fans are trending #TakeCareSeungri ahead of Seungri’s upcoming enlistment. Fans shared their favorite photos and memories of Seungri and clarified alleged rumors regarding Burning Sun controversies. Fans wrote,  1⃣Clarify the suspected about 「police collusion」 2⃣Clarify the suspected about 「Seungri’s chatroom 」 3⃣Clarify the suspected about 「Drug Allegation 」 4⃣The players […]

Army official clarifies whether Seungri’s enlistment will be affected by the Coronavirus

Source: Daily Economic Star An army official has clarified reports regarding Seungri’s upcoming enlistment. The former Big Bang member is scheduled to report to the Gangwon Cheolwon Army 6th Division Recruitment Training Facility on the 9th. Since he is at the center of the topic of alleged prostitution overseas among […]