Seungri likely to be undergo military court trial for ‘Burning Sun’ charges

Article: [Comprehensive] Military Manpower Administration notifies Seungri of enlistment, “military court trial predicted if enlisted” Source: Yonhap News Former Big Bang member Seungri (30) will likely undergo military court trial. An official from the Military Manpower Administration [MMA] stated on the 4th, “We sent out a notice of entry to […]

Prosecutors indict Seungri without detention for ‘Burning Sun’ charges

Article: Seungri arrested without detention for ‘Burning Sun’ charges…arranging prostitution and overseas gambling Source: Xports NewsSeungri (Lee Seung-hyun,30), has been brought to trial for allegedly arranging prostitution and gambling over 1 billion won overseas. On the 30th, the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office indicted the former Big Bang member without […]

Seungri’s arrest warrant gets thrown out of court

Article: [BREAKING] Seungri’s arrest warrant overturned…”difficult to recognize the reason and necessity” Source: Sports Chosun Seungri’s arrest warrant has been denied. The former Big Bang member attended his arrest warrant review on the 13th and Deputy chief judge Song Kyung-ho of Seoul Central District Court made a decision to dismiss the […]

Police couldn’t find evidence of “hwanchigi” by Yang Hyun Suk or Seungri

Article: Police conclude their investigation of Seungri and Yang Hyun Suk after 84 days…”couldn’t find evidence of ‘hwanchigi’” Source: Yonhap News Police have concluded their investigations into Yang Hyun Suk (49) and Seungri (29). An official from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency issued a statement on October 31st and stated, “we […]