19 more people that visited same Itaewon club test positive for Coronavirus

Source: Seoul Newspaper Fears of another Shincheon-ji level group infection are growing after 19 more people that visited the same Itaewon club test positive for coronavirus. DongA Ilbo reporters toured six famous clubs in Itaewon after patient A that lives in Yongin, Gyeonggi province tested positive for coronavirus infecting many others in […]

Psy’s father purchases a 4.3 billion won building in Seongsu-dong

Article: [Exclusive] Psy’s father purchases Lotte Giants pitcher Song Seung-jun’s Seongsu-dong building for 4.3 billion won Source: Daily Economic Star via Naver Park Wonho (70), Psy’s father, is making headlines for purchasing a building worth 4.3 billion won. Lotte Giants pitcher Song Seung Jun purchased the building in 2016 for 2.7 […]

Daegu hospital employee with coronavirus reportedly hid his identity as Shincheon-ji member

Source: seoul.co.kr It’s been belatedly revealed a hospital employee who was diagnosed with the first confirmed case at Moonseong Hospital in Nam-gu, Daegu was a Shincheon-ji member. According to Moonseong Hospital on Thursday, Nam-gu Health Center informed the hospital that the first confirmed man, an outside parking official, was identified […]

Army official clarifies whether Seungri’s enlistment will be affected by the Coronavirus

Source: Daily Economic Star An army official has clarified reports regarding Seungri’s upcoming enlistment. The former Big Bang member is scheduled to report to the Gangwon Cheolwon Army 6th Division Recruitment Training Facility on the 9th. Since he is at the center of the topic of alleged prostitution overseas among […]