NCT Taeyong’s informant revealed to have edited katalks about alleged bullying

Source: Dispatch via Naver Dispatch has obtained testimony and unedited katalks that show informant B lied about alleged bullying.  Dispatch investigated the three main characters in NCT Taeyong‘s alleged “school bullying” controversy from May 2, 2009 that include alleged victim A, informant B, and idol Taeyong (NCT).  The original incident  The […]

Dispatch reveals Jungkook and 3 other ’97 liner idols went to an Itaewon bar during quarantine

Article: [Exclusive] “BTS Jungkook, Cha Eunwoo, Jaehyun and Minkyu were there…” reality of ’97 liner idols that visited an Itaewon bar Source: Dispatch Dispatch has confirmed that BTS Jungkook and three other top ’97 liner idols visited Itaewon bar. According to Dispatch report, four ’97 liner idols BTS’ Jungkook, Astro […]