Ranking of K-pop streaming on Spotify

 (Long time no see, I took a long COVID break for myself!) Pann: Ranking of K-pop streaming worldwide on Spotify 1. [+107, -4] Look at the gap between… BTS really is a wall 2. [+88, -2] BTS’ Spotify streaming is #19 in history. #1 is Drake and and other artists […]

Idol concerts that were planned for this year

Super M – Tokyo Dome Around 50,000 audience NCT 127 – North American tour New York, Atlanta, Chicago, San Hose, LA, Seattle Around 60,000 Twice – Tour final + Tokyo Dome Seoul KSPO Dome, Tokyo Dome Around 120,000 GOT7 – First Stadium concert Bangkok Around 110,000 Seventeen – First Japanese […]

New fanclub logos that SM registered

BoA – Jumping BoA TVXQ – Cassiopeia Super Junior – ELF Girls’ Generation – Sone SHINee – SHINee World EXO – EXO-L Red Velvet – ReVeLuv NCT – NCTzen NCT – NCTzen 127 NCT – NCTzen Dream WayV – WayZenNi = Pann: New fanclub logos that SM registered 1. [+369, […]

SF9 Rowoon becomes Gongcha model

Pann: Gongcha reveals its new model (Rowoon will be the model for 6 months from April 14) 1. [+183, -5] Lee Seunggi and then Rowoon. I can see what type of model Gongcha is going for ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 2. [+116, -2] I can see Gongcha’s type. It’s totally my type, too. […]

Twice members pressuring fans to stream their music?

Jungyeon: “Did you guys stream or not?!” “They said there are 55K viewers so there should be 55K streams…” (Twice members instructing how to stream silently) (Also instructing timing, downloading, and playlists for streaming) – Pann: What do you think about pressuring fans to stream like Twice is doing? 1. [+422, -33] […]