Seolhyun’s IG flooded with comments asking her to “leave AOA” following Mina’s revelations

Source: Kyunghyang AOA‘s Seolhyun is under deep criticism following Mina’s revelations.  Netizens are criticizing Seolhyun after Mina called her out by name on her Instagram on the 8th calling her a “bystander” and asked her not to “attend her funeral” after she attempted suicide. Netizens left comments on Seolhyun’s Instagram […]

Police suspend all forensic investigations into Mayor Park Won Soon’s iPhone after requests from his family

Source: Yonhap News Police have suspended all forensic investigations into Mayor Park Won Soon‘s iPhone.  An official from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency Task Force stated on the 30th, “A lawyer from the bereaved family side applied to the court for a quasi-appeal and suspension on the execution of the […]