Industry officials question whether disabling comments will effectively combat malicious comments

Source: E Daily Multiple entertainment officials are questioning whether disabling the comment section will be effective in reducing malicious comments.  As of July 7th, Naver, Nate and Daum have all terminated their entertainment news comment service but insiders are voicing concerns asking whether an alternative is needed stating “this move won’t […]


Source: Star News via Naver Jimin has quit AOA. On the 4th, FNC revealed the news writing, “This is FNC Entertainment. First, we would like to apologize for causing concern to many people through the events related to Jimin that have been unfolding recently. From this moment forth, Jimin has decided […]

JTBC president is making headlines with allegations that Samsung is backing Cho Joo Bin

Article: “I thought Samsung was behind Cho Joo Bin”, Son Seok-hee explains why he didn’t report alleged blackmail Source: Chosun Ilbo JTBC President is making headlines with his allegations that Samsung is backing Cho Joo Bin. Cho reportedly contacted JTBC president Son Seok-hee (64) through Telegram, impersonating President Heung Shin-so. Cho sent […]

Psy’s father purchases a 4.3 billion won building in Seongsu-dong

Article: [Exclusive] Psy’s father purchases Lotte Giants pitcher Song Seung-jun’s Seongsu-dong building for 4.3 billion won Source: Daily Economic Star via Naver Park Wonho (70), Psy’s father, is making headlines for purchasing a building worth 4.3 billion won. Lotte Giants pitcher Song Seung Jun purchased the building in 2016 for 2.7 […]