Police have tracked down 15,000 IDs & 70 people who paid admission fees to Cho’s chatrooms

Article: Police, “tracked down 15,000 IDs…and 70 people who paid admission fees to Cho’s chatrooms” Source: Segye Ilbo Police are making progress investigating Cho’s “Nth” and “Baksa” Telegram chatrooms.  While tracking his criminal profits from data seized from his cryptocurrency activities, police were able to compile a list of 70 people who […]

JTBC president is making headlines with allegations that Samsung is backing Cho Joo Bin

Article: “I thought Samsung was behind Cho Joo Bin”, Son Seok-hee explains why he didn’t report alleged blackmail Source: Chosun Ilbo JTBC President is making headlines with his allegations that Samsung is backing Cho Joo Bin. Cho reportedly contacted JTBC president Son Seok-hee (64) through Telegram, impersonating President Heung Shin-so. Cho sent […]

Police find texts that prove Cho ordered hidden cameras installed at Bomi and Shin Se Kyung’s rooms

Article: [Exclusive] Cho Joo-bin “In the past, I commissioned Shin Se-kyung and Bo-mi’s hidden camera installations, I did it” Source: Wikitree Police have found texts in Cho Joo Bin’s Telegram chatrooms during investigation that prove he ordered hidden cameras installed at Apink Bomi (27) and actress Shin Se Kyung (30)’s […]

A 40 year old man jumps to his death at Han River due to anxiety over Cho’s “Nth Room” investigation

Article: [Exclusive] “Anxiety over how things would grow,”…A man in his 40s makes an extreme decision Source: MBN A 40 year old office worker has committed suicide at Han River because of Cho’s “N bang” incident. Police found a man who had committed suicide at the Yeongdongdaegyo Bridge at Han […]

Child actor Kim Yu-bin under fire for his “Nth Room” remarks + parents beg for forgiveness

Article: [Comprehensive] Kim Yu-bin’s parents apologize and appeal for their son’s social well-being, “mistake because he’s young, please don’t take it personally.” Source: SPOTV News On the 24th, child musical actor Kim Yu-bin (16) posted on Facebook Stories and said,  “Did I see the Nth room? You f****** b******s. They say […]