Ranking of K-pop streaming on Spotify

 (Long time no see, I took a long COVID break for myself!) Pann: Ranking of K-pop streaming worldwide on Spotify 1. [+107, -4] Look at the gap between… BTS really is a wall 2. [+88, -2] BTS’ Spotify streaming is #19 in history. #1 is Drake and and other artists […]

Annual top 5 male & female artists since 2010

Source: Google trends Annual top 5 male artists 20101) SHINee2) 2PM3) Bigbang4) Super Junior5) B2ST 20111) Lim Jae Bum2) Bigbang3) TVXQ4) Kim Bum Soo5) SHINee 20121) PSY2) Bigbang3) Infinite4) SHINee5) Busker Busker 20131) EXO2) PSY3) Cho Yong Pil4) SHINee5) Bigbang 20141) EXO2) Infinite3) Bigbang4) SHINee5) BTS 20151) EXO2) Bigbang3) BTS4) […]

Ranking of celebrities who divorced the fastest

Actress Chae Jung An & salaryman Kim Sang Chul – Divorced after a year and 6 months – Reason for divorce: personality difference Entertainer Kim Sae Rom & chef Lee Chan Oh – Divorced after a year and 4 months – Reason for divorce: conflict Singer Lee Sang Min & […]