Industry officials question whether disabling comments will effectively combat malicious comments

Source: E Daily Multiple entertainment officials are questioning whether disabling the comment section will be effective in reducing malicious comments.  As of July 7th, Naver, Nate and Daum have all terminated their entertainment news comment service but insiders are voicing concerns asking whether an alternative is needed stating “this move won’t […]

Quick update regarding Naver comments

Hi All, Just wanted to give a quick update to fans about a recent change made by Naver. Effective March 5th KST, the Naver comments on articles posted in the “entertainment” news section has been turned off and as such users are no longer able to leave comments on trending […]

Update regarding site issue – please read!

Hi All, We have really great news regarding the copyright issue! After discussions in the past weeks regarding the copyright issue we have come to a resolution and got the ok to continue use of our original domain . As a result, we plan to move all the new articles […]

Update: Malicious comments posted on Naver

Hi All, Naver recently made an update to their portal regarding malicious comments that we wanted to share with you. Effective October 2019, Naver rolled out their ‘clean bot’ initiative regarding malicious comments posted on their site. First off, to leave a comment on Naver, users are required to sign […]

Our statement regarding the recent tragic news

Hi Navernatics, First off, our very deep condolences to Sulli’s fans, friends, and family for their tragic loss. We have truly lost an angel. No one deserves hate for being themselves and expressing their beliefs. If you’re struggling with thoughts of suicide or depression, you can reach out to this […]