Employees of a famous galbi franchise in Korea reveal that the restaurant sells rotten meat to customers

Source: JTBC Employees of a famous galbi franchise in Gyeonggi-do are alleging that the chain sells rotten meat.  Several employees from the franchise conducted interviews with JTBC and revealed that the restaurant takes rotten meat that should be disposed and clean it out using a trick called “washing meat” where rotten […]

Netizen opens a “digital prison” for controversial judges that give light sentences to sex offenders

Source: E Daily A netizen has opened a “digital prison” amid growing voices condemning the court’s decision not to repatriate Son Jung-woo, the operator of the world’s largest child molka site “Welcome To Video.” The name, photo, and birth date of the Seoul High Court’s Judge Kang Young-soo who judged the case […]

Fans trend #TakeCareSeungri ahead of Seungri’s upcoming army enlistment

Fans are trending #TakeCareSeungri ahead of Seungri’s upcoming enlistment. Fans shared their favorite photos and memories of Seungri and clarified alleged rumors regarding Burning Sun controversies. Fans wrote,  1⃣Clarify the suspected about 「police collusion」 2⃣Clarify the suspected about 「Seungri’s chatroom 」 3⃣Clarify the suspected about 「Drug Allegation 」 4⃣The players […]

Daegu hospital employee with coronavirus reportedly hid his identity as Shincheon-ji member

Source: seoul.co.kr It’s been belatedly revealed a hospital employee who was diagnosed with the first confirmed case at Moonseong Hospital in Nam-gu, Daegu was a Shincheon-ji member. According to Moonseong Hospital on Thursday, Nam-gu Health Center informed the hospital that the first confirmed man, an outside parking official, was identified […]