Korea records a spike in confirmed coronavirus cases ahead of Chuseok

Article: Confirmed cases of coronavirus increase again in metropolitan areas ahead of Chuseok…fear of mass infections Source: Gangwon Ilbo Ahead of Chuseok, sporadic group infections large and small are being discovered in automobile factories, churches, hospitals, and nursing institutions around the metropolitan area in Korea. The number of confirmed patients […]

Are Koreans too critical of people that test positive for coronavirus?

Article: “I didn’t go to church or meetings…” A family suffering from confirmed positive cases Source: Yonhap News The article talks about the “Lee” family in Incheon that contracted coronavirus even though they didn’t attend Sarangjeil rally, church gatherings or meetings.  According to the wife, “the day her husband was […]

1,100 Shincheon-ji members that survived coronavirus to donate their plasma to the public

Source: Seoul.co.kr 1,100 Shincheon-ji members that survived the coronavirus will donate their plasma. A Shincheon-ji official announced on the 27th that “1,100 believers who were completely cured after being infected with coronavirus will donate their plasma through September 4th. Earlier, another group of about 628 believers from Daegu donated their […]

Sarangjeil Church Pastor has escaped from hospital while under quarantine, police in pursuit

  Source: Hankyung Pastor Kwang Hoon-Jeon has reportedly escaped from the hospital.  According to a Paju city official on the 18th, Pyeongtaek citizen A (pastor) who was undergoing quarantine treatment at Paju Hospital after testing positive for coronavirus was found to have fled the hospital on the same day.  Hospital […]