Article: When faced with possibility of life imprisonment…Cho Joo-bin sheds tears, “I will live faithfully from now on”

Source: Joongang Ilbo

Cho Joo-Bin (25), accused of producing and distributing molka shed tears in court stating that “he’ll live faithfully, in a path of self-reflection.”

The victim’s lawyer stressed that “Cho and his accomplices should be severely punished with a 2000 yr sentence so that they can’t do what they did again.”

In the final hearing held at the Seoul Central District Court on Tuesday for Cho and six others, the prosecution asked the court to sentence Cho to life in prison stating that they “his crimes were shocking and unprecedented in the nation’s history. He threatened and kidnapped victims and shared illegally taken photos and videos at his “Doctor” Telegram chatroom and ran a “sex exploitation center” that he organized and shared with a large number of members.”

Prosecutors also pointed out Cho’s attitude of committing countless sexual violence crimes without guilt including testifying himself that he “branded sexual exploits” and “was proud of being a scoundrel.” Prosecutors stated, “the victims are staying up all night trying to erase and report their own videos.”

Prosecutors also sought 10-15 year prison sentence for his other four accomplices for organizing and engaging in a criminal organization. 

As for 16yr old accomplice “Pacific“, prosecutors sought a 5-10 yr sentence, the highest ever for a juvenile offender adding, “even at a young age, he actively participated in operating Cho’s “Doctor” room. He was working to replace Cho’s role in the future.”

  1. [+810, -11] Punish him severely!
  2. [+752, -8] How is he expecting the court to forgive him when the victims have yet to forgive him for what he did? He should only be forgiven if the victims forgive too. Before you even think of empathizing with an assailant, look at the victim first!
  3. [+549, -4] He’s not shedding tears because he’s sorry for what he did for the victims, he’s just sorry his life is coming to an end like this. Make sure to grab him and put him in jail. 
  4. [+317, -6] He went around acting like he was some big shot and now he’s acting like he’s a good kid. I’m sure we would’ve gotten a real show if they brought up the death penalty instead.
  5. [+44, -2] Give him the death penalty instead!
  6. [+29, -0] How is writing an apology letter to get a reduced sentence self reflection. He’s going to go back to his old haunts. This is why we have so many repeat offenders in our country..
  7. [+25, -1] Crocodile tears

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