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Former AOA member Yookyung has clarified her ambiguous statements after Mina‘s revelations. 

On the 6th, Yookyung shared another post on IG and wrote, “Hello. This is Yookyung. I think the ambiguous post that I uploaded on my Instagram has caused some confusion, so I’m writing again. I apologize for uploading a post that was too ambiguous.”

“A memory that I’d been determined to bury and that I’d been forgetting little by little suddenly came back to me, and so in the heat of the moment I got angry. I think that I had the childish feeling of wanting to timidly express to you that I also had a hard time. It seems that I was having such a hard timeon my own that I wasn’t able to see around me. I thought I was struggling alone that I couldn’t guess that someone else was in the same situation. I sincerely want to say I’m sorry.”

“I also want to share my support and say that you endured it well. I’m ok now because I had people that always cheered me on. Up until now I lived my life thinking there’s nothing that could protect and all I had was my drums in the studio. However I’ve come to realize that isn’t true. There are many precious people who love me and that’s all I need. It’s enough.”

“Once again I want to apologize sincerely to anyone that was hurt because of my impulsive actions and post. I also want to share my support and tell you you’ve done a good job enduring through your hard times. Let’s get up the courage and have strength. I would like to ask you to please refrain from saying hurtful things that might make me or anyone else unhappy. I’m always sincerely grateful to all that support me.”

Meanwhile, Yookyung left the group in 2016 before Mina.

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  1. [+3,057, -117] She’s sorry she posted an ambiguous post and still wrote another ambiguous one
  2. [+2,500, -111] Well, Jimin and the others did the same too. If you have something to say, say it, if not shut it. Just shut up. 
  3. [+2,013, -72] Which means she was bullied by the other members too. They must’ve bullied Mina and ostracized her. It’s been 10 years already so don’t be afraid and expose it all ..🙌
  4. [+216, -0] I think she means she was bullied by one person and the other members were bystanders. Mina who also got bullied felt the same way. She’s saying she’s sorry she couldn’t see Mina’s pain because of her own. Choa quit because of depression, Chanmi said she got treated for depression too, and so did Mina so I guess all the members had a hard time.
  5. [+179, -15] Seolhyun is just an empty body in the group. It’s not like she can sing live. She can’t write or compose songs. She can’t produce. She can’t act. Her personality is dirty. Not only does she deserve to get kicked out of the entertainment industry but she needs to get buried in society so she can cry tears too. 
  6. [+173, -1] She thought she was the only one having a hard time but the other members were having a hard time too. 
  7. [+133, -13] If she thought the last was ambiguous, how is this any better?
  8. [+83, -14] What exactly are you trying to say..
  9. [+64, -14] What…? Get to the point.
  10. [+52, -16] Only non-Korean speakers think this is ambiguous ㅋㅋㅋ. She’s basically saying she received the same treatment as Minaㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

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