Article: Former SM trainee Monet Fukuhara, “Irene harassed me and Seulgi helped me”

Source: Newsis

Monet Fukuhara, a former SM Entertainment trainee, has further exposed Irene’s controversy. 

On the 23rd, an online community spread photos of a post capture allegedly written by the former trainee stating, “I remember how my unni Joo-hyun (Irene) would always harass me when I was trainee. Only Seulgi helped me.” 

The post has since then been deleted from social media and its authenticity yet to be confirmed.

Fukuhara worked towards her idol debut as a trainee at SM but left the agency and is currently working as a YouTuber in Japan. 

As a result of the controversy, a lot of hate comments are spreading on social media about Irene and she’s getting attacked for her “gapjil” [abuse of power] controversy. Even though Irene apologized, criticism is still pouring with Red Velvet canceling their upcoming fan meet due to the controversy.

Irene is also set to make her film debut in “Double Patty” movie early next year but public criticism is continuing to grow. 

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