Article: [Official] Kim Go-eun donated 100 million won worth of masks, “to prevent Corona19 for those with low income”

Source: Sports DongA

Kim Go Eun reportedly donated face masks worth 100 million won.

International Relief Development NGO Good Neighbors official stated, “We have received 100 million won worth of face masks (40,000 masks) for low income families having trouble purchasing them for the Corona 19. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Kim Go Eun who has conveyed her warm heart to help low income families live healthy lives.”

Kim Go Eun is also an ambassador for the Ministry of Environment and last year she donated 20 million won towards the Gangwon fires.

In the meantime, Kim is currently filming SBS’ new drama ‘The King’.

  1. [+6,998, -24] The best most talented celebrity
  2. [+2,423, -56] Her heart is as beautiful as her face
  3. [+1,616, -24] She’s a really good actress too. She’s beautiful when she smiles and has a great personality. You can’t find actors like her these days. ㅠㅠ
  4. [+629, -23] I didn’t know much of her since I never watched Goblin but after seeing her in Yoo Yeol’s music video I realized how pretty and talented she was in acting. Her heart is really beautiful too. I’m so impressed. ^^
  5. [+417, -1] Ah~she’s so cool. The poor can’t get masks right now because they’re so expensive. This is amazing.
  6. [+248, -9] And yet other celebrities who make over 3.8-6 billion won from their buildings have gone quiet~
  7. [+220, -1] Making a decision like that to give out 100 million won isn’t easy. She’s an amazing person.
  8. [+208, -34] Celebrities are doing more towards the Corona than our own government who are catering to the Chinese.
  9. [+159, -7] It’s even more amazing that she gave face masks instead of donating 100 million won. She’s awesome.
  10. [+145, -2] What a heartwarming article. So different from the latest trend in celebrity news. Kim Go Eun-ssi, you did well. 

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