Hyuna is under fire for her excessive performance on stage. 

Hyuna was performing her hit songs ‘Lip and Hip’ and ‘Bubble Pop’ at a college festival on the 19th, when mid-performance she turned around and rolled up her skirt exposing her butt cheeks and black underwear to the crowd. Her sudden action caused one of her backup dancers to cower in embarrassment.

Netizens, in uproar with her excessive performance, left comments on online communities saying “this is too much” “I’m embarrassed”…”just look at how surprised her backup dancer was”…”she’s gone too far.” Other netizens responded saying “this is a non-issue, Hyuna is the queen of performances.”

Hyuna addressed the controversy on her Instagram and said, “The festival at the college was held by a simple bar with alcohol drinks and everyone was having fun partying. The event was for college-aged adults. There’s no need to worry.”

P-Nation released a statement saying, “we don’t negotiate performances with our artists beforehand. It was something she did spontaneously at the event. Hyuna herself is well aware of the controversy. We feel that her statement on social media regarding the issue was clearly explained.”

Last May, Hyuna caused a similar controversy at another college festival where she exposed her chest to festival goers mid-performance.

  1. [+4,790, -495] What type of performance is that?! The people there were sexually harassed. If this was a man showing his pen*s or a** on stage would that count as a performance? Why the double standards! She needs to stop assuming that the audience automatically enjoys seeing her that!
  2. [+2,674, -183] She is so sad. 
  3. [+1,631, -199] What’s wrong with her? Does she think people want to see this?
  4. [+937, -76] She has nothing else to get attention for lately so trying to make create some news for herself.
  5. [+435, -22] Whether its a performance or whatever, if you’re a singer sing well. It’s not like she’s good at rap. She’s just a back dancer. Isn’t she ashamed of acting like that at a quality festival? If people wanted to see that they could’ve gone to a club~
  6. [+237, -3] I guess because she can’t sing she has resorted to exposing her a**. She has nothing show off anyway. Just looks cheap.
  7. [+236, -2] I’m starting to think this is her real personality. Her actions during 4Minute must’ve just been the group’s concept.
  8. [+178, 11] I’m surprised she hasn’t taken any nude photos yet~
  9. [+157, -28] She needs to hit the gym ㅋㅋㅋ
  10. [+146, -3] She’s just making herself look cheap…disgusting!

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