Article: [Comprehensive] “A great deed is a great deed”..B.I revealed to have donated 100,000 masks while in reflection > waves of praise

Source: Xports News

It’s been belatedly revealed that former iKON member B.I performed a great deed while in hiatus.

On the 19th, a B.I fan account stated on SNS, “He didn’t want to make it known to the world but he just couldn’t hide his warm heart. Instead of just words, he decided to show it with a great deed.” 

According to the account, B.I reportedly sent over 100,000 masks and asked to donate anonymously. The masks donated are said to be worth about 200 million won.

In response to the donation, an official stated, “We would like to express our sincere gratitude to B.I and will try to convey his warm heart to those in need. Thank you for this good deed during reflection.”

  1. [+5,662 -278] A great deed is a great deed. Thank you B.I for your generous donation.
  2. [+2,341, -160] He didn’t want this to be known but he deserves to know this. You did a great a job! Thank you.
  3. [+1,409, -60] Thank you for your donation
  4. [+1,044, -60] Very well done! Great job!
  5. [+416, -8] B.I asked to donate the masks anonymously. The recipient even confirmed this. Those people that are cursing him saying he’s trying to clean his image should donate first before speaking.
  6. [+457, -18] “I want to protect the people who have loved and supported me”…Ah this is so moving and heartwarming. The more you have, the difficult it is to give to others so it’s amazing he donated over 100,000 masks. 
  7. [+380, -13] He spent over 200 million won but people just want to curse him because of his controversy when they won’t even donate 1,000 won to help those that are suffering. He’s actually being helpful with preventing the spread of the Corona more than they are.
  8. [+245, -3] Good job. Thank you.
  9. [+224, -0] Thank you for your donations. The masks are a need right now.
  10. [+68, -7] B.I is doing more than our own government.

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