Article: Confirmed cases of coronavirus increase again in metropolitan areas ahead of Chuseok…fear of mass infections

Source: Gangwon Ilbo

Ahead of Chuseok, sporadic group infections large and small are being discovered in automobile factories, churches, hospitals, and nursing institutions around the metropolitan area in Korea. The number of confirmed patients whose infection route is unknown are increasing, raising concerns of mass infections.

Jung Eun-kyung, head of Bangdae Headquarters explained, “The fact that the number of cases where the infection route is not confirmed remains in the 20% range means that there is an additional risk of transmission as asymptomatic and mild sources of infection remain unconfirmed in the community.”

  1. [+1,505, -81] Why did you resume flights from Wuhan then?
  2. [+427, -64] Moon Jae-in just a few days ago, “We’re in the final stages of the Corona”…looks like he was talking off his mouth againㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  3. [+286, -8] It’s not a concern, it’s a confirmationㅋ
  4. [+248, -43] Stop reopening schools!
  5. [+184, -11] This always happens
  6. [+93, -2] I heard 200,000 people are gathering for sightseeing tours in Jeju Island for Chuseok holiday, are they out of their minds? Even Jeon Kwang-hoon and Shincheon-ji are cursing them.
  7. [+90, -3] And yet they’re still running Wuhan-Incheon flights…why aren’t you addressing that instead? Obviously the quarantines are a complete failure.
  8. [+82, -1] Stop with all the talk and give out testing kits instead
  9. [+73, -4] Why are people from Wuhan still allowed to come into our country anyway…and without quarantining?
  10. [+58, -1] Please just restrict Chuseok celebrations. I know a lot of mothers-in-law want their son and daughters-in-law to come for Chuseok but we need to consider the elderly too. Restricting it is the only way to stop the spread.

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