Article: 813 more Corona19 cases added of 3,150 in 40 days

Source: Yonhap News

Koreans are trying to grapple with the rapidly increasing cases of Coronavirus.

As of 4:00pm on the 29th, there were a total of 17 fatalities and 3,150 cases of Covid19, an increase of 813 new cases in one day.

The number of coronavirus cases exceeded 1,000 on the 26th, then entered 2,000 on the 28th, and a day later increased to over 3,000 cases. It’s been 40 days since the first Coronavirus case was confirmed for the first time in Korea on the 20th of last month.

Corona19 Added 813 More Days…  Total 3,150 people in 40 days after occurrence (general)-2
The number of confirmed cases among Shincheon-ji church goers is also increasing as 1,300 out of 9,000 tests have been requested. The path of infection has yet to be disclosed but its estimated that many more cases from Shincheon-ji are expected to be added.

As of 9:00am on the 29th, there 1,557 confirmed cases related to the Shincheon-ji church.

As of the 29th, the cumulative cases by region are as follows: Daegu 2,236, Gyeonbuk 488, Gyeonggi 82, Busan 80, Gyeongnam 59, Chungnam 55, Ulsan 17, Daejeon 13, Chungbuk 10, Gwangju 9, Gangwon 7, Incheon 6, Jeonbuk 5, Jeonnam 3, Jeju 2, Sejong 1.

In the meantime, over 90,000 in Korea were diagnosed with Corona19 symptoms. Except for confirmed patients, 9,905 patients have been tested of which 5,723 were confirmed “negative”.

Total of 35,182 people are currently undergoing testing.

  1. [+3,148, -454] The number of people confirmed with Corona from other churches like Myeongseong appear to be very small compared to Shincheon-ji who have surpassed 1,000. What the hell is going on there? They’re breeding the virus like hens.
  2. [+2,895, -634] Even though the number of those diagnosed with Corona seems to be high, those confirmed are a small percentage. Other countries aren’t even conducting tests right now and will regret it later when it spreads. I’m really angry with those Shincheon-ji thugs but I think we will overcome this crisis well. Everyone, fighting!
  3. [+2,491, -1,126] Most of the cases are related to Shincheon-ji and Daegu. Those Shincheon-ji ba$tards are hiding patients and spreading them all over the country. Daegu also didn’t respond early. Both are also closely related to the Liberty Korea Party and Hwang Kyo An is said to be a Shincheon-ji goer too. Until last week, Liberty Korea Party had also sponsored the Gwanghwamun Senior Citizens’ Assembly.
  4. [+769, -214] Sure it’s hard now but Korea is a great country so I’m sure we’ll overcome this soon enough. Thanks to our amazing CDC, medical staff, support groups, private institutions and volunteers. Everyone, find strength!
  5. [+348, -28] Moon Jae In is the problem. I remember him saying during the Sewol Ferry and MERS incident that it was the responsibility of government officials but he’s done nothing. He’s all words.
  6. [+277, -53] Koreans are being treated like dogs and pigs overseas just because of a few that traveled to China. Is this really our country?
  7. [+168, -37] There are more cases now because we’re testing Shincheon-ji people for the Corona. I’m sure there are more from that church that are hiding right now and haven’t been tested.

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