Article: The late Goo Hara’s brother’s lawyer, “the mother who abandoned her child…first to claim her inheritance

Source: SBS Fun E

Goo Hara‘s brother’s lawyer has revealed more information about their birth mother’s lawsuit.

In a press release on the 12th, Lawyer Roh Jong Eun stated, “Goo Hara’s mother left home when Goo Hara was 9 years old and couldn’t be reached for almost 20 years. During that time, Goo Hara’s brother and other relatives raised her and Hara was able to debut because of their devoted care.”

He added, “Goo Hara frequently expressed anger, sadness, and emptiness about her mother who abandoned her. It would be hard to deny that her unfortunate death last fall wasn’t partly due to her mental anguish from the trauma she suffered because of being abandoned by her mother.”

“Goo Hara’s father blamed himself for letting it reach to this extent and gave up his entire share of the inheritance to her older brother. After the funeral, her brother tried to call their estranged mother to resolve issues regarding the sale of Hara’s estate but she couldn’t be reached. While trying to resolve registration issues, her lawyer suddenly appeared and requested half of the money from the sale of Goo Hara’s home. Her brother was so shocked that their mother who had abandoned her when she was alive was making such an unreasonable demand and as a result filed a counter lawsuit against her for the inheritance.”

Under Korean law, abandoning your child for a long period of time doesn’t disqualify you from being eligible to claim the deceased’s estate.

  1. [+3,372, -14] How is a trash person like her a mother to someone..
  2. [+2,970, -6] Is that really her mother? How could she throw her away like that but go after her money like this
  3.  [+2,360, -6] Trash 
  4. [+168, -2] Her brother is appealing to the public like this because he knows it’s a losing battle. It’s only a matter of time until the court gives her half of Goo Hara’s fortune.
  5. [+130, -0] Would the father have willingly given up his share if he was in debt? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  6. [+118, -1] This is basically killing your daughter twice. How is someone like that her mother? It seems like all she cares about is money.ㅉㅉ 
  7. [+84, -0] The only thing that crazy b**** cares about is money. The family needs to expose her so that she doesn’t think to swindle anyone else. 
  8. [+62, -2] This is why we need to change our laws
  9. [+57, -0] Ugh~there were so many trash people in Goo Hara’s life. From her thug boyfriend to her evil mother. 
  10. [+41, -0] It’s not my money but even I think her inheritance is too precious to give even a sliver to someone like her.

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