Article: Mariah Carey’s Confession: “The family tried to sell me as a prostitute.”

Source: Chosun Ilbo

Excerpt from Mariah Carey‘s autobiography book titled “The Meaning of Mariah Carey“:

“For a long time my sister and brother treated me horribly. They sold lies about me to third-rate magazines and trash sites. When I was 12, my sister made me drink from a tranquilizer gun, gave me cocaine and poured boiling tea over me causing 3rd degree burns. They even tried prostituting me by selling me to a pimp.”

  1. [+1,043, -59] After her last concert in Korea I can no longer empathize with anything she says. She needs to fix her conscience first ㅉㅉ
  2. [+608, -9] She’s basically the American version of Insooni. Takes award for worst singer ever.
  3. [+397, -105] Lose weight first. Those of us that went to her concert in Korea have nothing to say about her anymore..just live life quietly.
  4. [+303, -64] To be honest, only Whitney can be considered an artist with soulful touching voice. Mariah Carey just makes loud noises like a dolphin.
  5. [+162, -22] Carey-ya, man up and apologize first
  6. [+70, -14] So what if she got some fat on her, is that any reason to hate on her?
  7. [+59, -3] She’s probably losing money now that she’s old and no one trusts going to any of her concerts anymore. That’s why she’s writing anything in her book to make a quick buck.
  8. [+39, -3] Just goes to show why you need to live with a humble attitude. Why did she kick up such a fuss with her bad attitude in Korea?

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