1) ID

– The taeguk mark changes its colors depending on the angle

– The name and social security number will be bulging out

– The information will be printed by laser

– The picture & date of birth on the bottom will appear depending on the angle

2) Passport

– Will be changed to blue from green (first time in 32 years)

– One more alphabet will be added to the passport number

– Laser-printed content & picture

– Deletion of social security number

3) Mobile driver’s license

– It can be used just as equally as a regular driver’s license

4) Increase of minimum wage

– From 8,350 won to 8,590 won (around $8)

– 2.9% increase from 2019

5) Korean history exams

– 4 exam attempts in 2019, 5 attempts in 2020, and 6 attempts in 2021

– It’s divided by advanced/middle/intermediate, but it will be simplified to intensified/basic

6) Ban of drinking ads

– On TV programs, movies, and games that are rated for minors, drinking ads will be banned. Sounds like “kya” will be banned since it could provoke drinking.

– In 2019, the ads are allowed as long as it’s not aired between 7AM~10PM.

7) Paper boxes at supermarket check-outs

– Paper boxes that were given to customers for free at grocery check-outs will be banned.

1. [+474, -10] Why are they banning paper boxes?

2. [+402, -20] The box ban is such a stupid law.

3. [+165, -7] I wonder why they decided to change the passport color.

4. [+123, -3] If they’re banning drinking ads, they should also ban plastic surgery ads, too.

5. [+89, -9] I love the ban on drinking ads. I hate how they view weak drinkers as losers.

6. [+68, -17] Those who are cheering for minimum wage increase are short-sighted. If they keep increasing the minimum wage, the bosses will hire less part-timers and there will be less jobs.

7. [+67, -62] The economy is worsening already. If they keep increasing the minimum wage, the workplaces will hire less workers and it’ll lead to less jobs. Minimum wage increase is not something to congratulate.

8. [+66, -1] If you want to stop minors from drinking, please ban the songs that talk about drinking too ㅋㅋㅋ

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