Article: Naver, afflicted with controversy over news intervention, abolishes ‘most viewed news’ 

Source: Asia Economy

Naver made an announcement on the 22nd that they plan to remove the daily “most viewed” and “most commented” rankings by topic and by age in favor of rankings by media outlet because supposedly the “way users consumed news has changed.” 

You can read the full translated notice from Naver here. 

  1. [+121, -13] What a vicious dictatorship! Their control of the media is seriously terrible!!!!!! Oh, my God! And on the day of the re-examination?ㅋㅋㅋ They choose to do this on the day of re-examination of the April 15 results?ㅋㅋ  Do they think they’ll get what they want?
  2. [+52, -1] Naver, do you know what’s more serious than that…? Why is there a “China” tab! Is your brain Made in China? Is it pro-Chinese, pro-communism?
  3. [+44, -5] They’re blatantly engaging in media suppression..
  4. [+28, -0] Guys ㅋㅋ, if you go into +interest on mobile there’s a new tab called “China” ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Why is that there ㅋㅋ?
  5. [+17, -2] This is the end of the free press..

Source: Yonhap News

  1. [+572, -25] In the end, if you’re only seeing what the news want you to see, the conservatives will bee far right and progressives far left. It seems like they want to split our country in half.
  2. [+341, -1] They’re trying to suppress public opinion. They can’t control the internet so this is the only thing they can do..
  3. [+121, -3] Huh?? Isn’t this basically to cover up what’s really going on with the ruling party? All those comments must’ve made them angry.
  4. [+104, -1] Stop the meetings, stop the articles and stop all comments…isn’t this their end game?
  5. [+42, -2] I just don’t understand why they’re getting rid of all of the great features about Naver. Aren’t they basically killing themselves off?
  6. [+39, -0] This is why Naver executives need to be jailed. For the past few years, Naver used macros to post articles and write comments and if anyone ousted them they got sent to prison.
  7. [+33, -4] Why are you trying to cover the people eyes again? Is this all for the dirty ruling party in our government? 
  8. [+23, -5] They got rid of the comment section too but the hate comments are still there…
  9. [+11, -2] Dictatorship

Source: Hankyung

  1. [+350, -1] I was speechless and all my breath left me when I saw this…what’s going on with Naver? ㅉㅉㅉ
  2. [+133, -1] So what’s next? It’s been a long time since this place became a playground for the left-wingers. And why is there is no word about this right now? Where are the articles?
  3. [+119, -3] This is exactly what Chun Doo-hwan did…first take control of the prosecution and move towards becoming North Korea…eventually make people less interested in politics.
  4. [+30, -0] I was so shocked when I couldn’t see the ranking news anymore. Of course they were pressured from the outside. The timing to do this to today makes that clear. They must’ve gone after Naver because they’re so many bad comments here about the current administration. This is the greatest media control of all time! 
  5. [+23, -0] Stop YouTube and Google too since they rattle on China..
  6. [+12, -0] They’re finally going after NAVER.
  7. [+11, -0] Why is Naver doing this? I came to check out the ‘most viewed news’ but they got rid of that too so I had to look through all the articles to even find this one..
  8. [+7, -0] Suppression and control of the media in a democratic country ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

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