Article: Naver to suspend its related search keyword service on people’s names and comments on entertainment news section next month.

Source: Newsis

Naver to discontinue the comment section and related keyword search functions in March.

Yoo Bong Seok, the general manager of service management at Naver announced the news on the 19th stating, “We will be disabling the comment section of articles posted in entertainment news as well as the search keywords related to names of people. There’s is a growing concern over the violation of the personal rights of celebrities in the internet space. We also share the responsibility for the violation of celebrities rights as we provide space for comments on Naver entertainment news, which cover a wide range of celebrities activities to their private lives.”

According to Naver, they plan to overhaul their entertainment information service including their related search and auto-generated words functions to prevent malicious comments.

The “trending search keyword” service will be suspended from April 2nd through April 15th at 6pm for the April 15 general elections. The comment section will be disabled beginning in mid-March.

Please Note: We [Daily Naver] will adjust our translations accordingly once the changes are in effect.

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