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A netizen has opened a “digital prison” amid growing voices condemning the court’s decision not to repatriate Son Jung-woo, the operator of the world’s largest child molka site “Welcome To Video.”

The name, photo, and birth date of the Seoul High Court’s Judge Kang Young-soo who judged the case was posted on the “Digital Prison” website that publishes personal information of violent criminals such as sex offenders, child abusers and murderers.

The operator A stated, “X can sue me but I took that into consideration when I decided to post his information. Violent crimes that are happening in Korea are not crimes that suddenly happen one day. This judge X is an accomplice of felony crimes. He’s a weapon that uses these ridiculous rulings to control human minds like we’re light sticks, animals, or plants.”

He added, “If you post your suspicions in the comments, I will check the cases and upload them. The number of judges that use small-scale mind control is increasing and just like medical accidents, these trial transactions and blind trials can only be prevented if these “accidents” lead to some “punishment”.

A also shared an introductory article about the website writing, “This is a website that discloses the personal information of malicious criminals in Korea who receive light punishments. We make their personal information public so that they can be judged in society. We try to comfort victims through punishment of violent criminals through disclosure. We will reveal their personal information as far as 30 years and share their recent status updates from time to time.”

He added, “The website is strongly encrypted and operated by bulletproof servers installed in bunkers in Eastern Europe and it is not affected by cyber defamation or insults in Korea at all. Since freedom of expression is 100% guaranteed, you can write as many comments and posts as you want.”

In the meantime, Judge Kang Young-Soo refused to extradite Son Jung Woo stating that “his extradition to the U.S would be a hindrance to investigations into child and sexual exploits related to his site “Welcome To Video” that were underway.”

You can visit the site here.
Son Jung-woo released from prison on the 6th after Judge denies his repatriation to the U.S
  1. [+176, -2] I hope this tag follows this judge for the rest of his life~
  2. [+116, -2] I completely agree. Our country’s judiciary is also an accomplice.
  3. [+63, -2] Thug ba$tards like Son Jungwoo deserve to die in prison in the U.S. Criminals like him that earn money exploiting minors deserve to the repatriated to the U.S to face their tough laws. That’s the only way a fair and legal trial will be conducted. 
  4. [+56, -1] The only way these judges will give fair trials is if their own children become victims. I’m sure then the criminals will face the wrath of the judiciary and followed twice with that of the judges’
  5. [+58, -5] This is what happens when our legal system doesn’t take into account national sentiment
  6. [+17, -0] Good job! Prosecution reform is still a huge issue in this country and remains our top priority but this is a good first step. 
  7. [+6, -0] Now judges will get to experience how it feels to be exploited online. Awesome!
  8. [+6, -0] This guy is the real patriot! Not these dirty judges. 

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