Article: Official on Hwang Min-hyun’s and staff rumored corona infection, “NO, it’s not true”

Source: Herald Pop

Nu’est Minhyun has denied rumors that he caught the Coronavirus.

Rumors of Minhyun catching the Coronavirus spread after a news report that the staff of an idol who traveled to Milan caught the virus.

An agency official from Pledis released a statement on Sunday writing, “the rumors of Minhyun catching the Corona are not true. None of the staff members at the Milan Fashion Week were infected with the Corona. Minhyun and his staff do not have any schedules after Milan Fashion week.”

Many celebrities attended the Milan Fashion Week on the 19th including Nu’est Minhyun, Chungha, Song Hye Kyo, IU, Han Ye Seul, Park Min Young and many others.

In the meantime, two of Chungha’s staff members have been confirmed to have caught the Coronavirus after they traveled to Milan, Italy for a photo shoot on the 19th.

  1. [+522, -16] Hwang Min-hyun and his staff are lucky to be safe. I hope everyone is healthy.
  2. [+385, -10] The people spreading rumors right now must be out of their minds.
  3. [+292, -9] Don’t spread rumors about such a serious issue like the Corona ^.^
  4. [+206, -8] The rumor spreaders are the Shicheon-ji
  5. [+151, -6] Who said such a rumor?
  6. [+89, -3] Please don’t make rumors about people’s health. Just take care of your own hygiene.
  7. [+71, -2] I’m worried about everyone in the fashion industry including idol groups because they travel overseas a lot. I hope everyone is ok 🙏
  8. [+47, -1] People who spread rumors like that need to be sued. 
  9. [+31, -1] The rumors must’ve been so serious to even have an article. People need to come to their senses. This is a serious issue.
  10. [+24, -0] A lot of people are working hard to fight the Corona and yet there are people spreading a rumor like that? ㅠㅠ I hope the agency will take a hard-line stance.
  11. [+21, -0] The whole nation is shaking because of the Corona. Please don’t spread such a malicious rumor.
  12. [+21, -1] Please leave Hwang Minhyun aloneㅋㅋㅋ. Why is it that whenever he has a schedule some malicious rumor always pops up 😂

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