Hi Navernatics,

First off, our very deep condolences to Sulli’s fans, friends, and family for their tragic loss. We have truly lost an angel. No one deserves hate for being themselves and expressing their beliefs. If you’re struggling with thoughts of suicide or depression, you can reach out to this list here.

I’ve been an avid fan of kpop for over 10 years now and I don’t think it will ever get easier losing an artist due to depression. The day we lost Jonghyun was a dark time in kpop and for me personally and I will never wish that for any fandom, fan, friend or family. If you’re feeling tired, worrisome, and in deep grief due to this news, please reach out to someone, anyone, even a fandom mutual for help.

We wanted to release this statement to make it clear that Daily Naver does not support or condone malicious comments. In fact, the very reason why I created this blog was to share with international fans what Koreans really think of the daily ranked entertainment news in Korea, not just click-bait articles and comments for views. We also chose to source most of our articles from Naver because they’re the most civil and require netizens to create an account and bans anonymous posts. Naver also has one of the biggest and fastest moving communities in Korea and is usually a better representative of what netizens are thinking regarding certain subjects.

We want to make it clear to readers that we do not cherry pick our comments. We translate comments in the order of upvotes (unless similar) and some downvotes to give fans a fair representation of netizens reactions. A link to the original source will always be shared as well.

You can read more about our curation process for the blog here and our FAQs here. We have added disclaimers on the site and we’re working on a privacy policy, comment policy, and terms of use. 

If you have any questions, thoughts, or general comments on the site, feel free to send us a message using the ‘Comment Form‘ in the menu. I will also periodically check the comment sections as well.

Thank you all and stay strong!

– exxhara

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