Source: Chosun Ilbo

Koreans are against holding a five-day funeral for late Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon.

A petition titled “I oppose holding Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon’s funeral for five days” was posted on the Blue House Website and in 12 hours, the petition had received over 250,000 signatures.

According to Blue House rules, if a petition receives over 200,000 signatures, officials are required to give an official answer.

Earlier, Seoul Metropolitan Government Director stated in an emergency briefing on the 10th,“that Mayor Park’s funeral will be held over five days at the Seoul National University Hospital as this is the first time a Seoul Mayor has died while in office.”

Afterwards a petition was posted on the Blue House petition site stating, “Just hold it quietly as a family funeral. The sexual harassment allegations ended without any investigations because of his death so how is this a fair situation? Should the public be forced to watch this spectacle of a funeral over five days just because a powerful politician committed suicide due to allegations of sexual harassment? I think it’s only right to hold it quietly as family funeral.”

  1. [+8,257, -158] Park Won-Soon wouldn’t want a five-day parade either. Why would he? Is what he did something good? Have you no shame? 
  2. [+7,687, -103] Of course it should be private. Did Park Won Soon die a martyr? Did he throw his life away for the people? If not why are you holding such a grand event using our tax money for someone like that? Rep Lee Hae-chan even cursed at the reporters question. Isn’t this a cover up?
  3. [+4,467, -77] He’s a disgrace to our country. Only in our  country is a sexual assault criminal treated like a hero…
  4. [+3,5330, -49] Are you kidding me right now? You’re the one that pushed the Seoul Metropolitan Government to cover it all up and now you’re asking for this?? Even if the world turns upside down, oil remains oil
  5. [+1,438, -36] Do you think people are fools??
  6. [+410, -9] His family is so shameless. Why make such a racket over someone that killed himself over sexual assault crimes. Five days? Just spend it quietly with family. 
  7. [+352, -7] The world is laughing at us right now. Why hold a five-day event over someone that committed suicide because of his sex crimes. Is this a comedy? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  8. [+184, -2] This is so absurd even a passing dog would laughㅋㅋ. A five-day funeral for a sexual molester turned Seoul Mayorㅋㅋㅋ. 

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