Article: Park Jimin, more mature look..

Source: STAR News

Park Jimin has shared her recent status.

The singer posted a black and white selca on her Instagram on the 24th with the words, “Sol“.

In the photo shared publicly, Park Jimin shows off her long hair while staring candidly into the camera.

In the meantime, Park Jimin left JYP Entertainment after concluding her 7 year contract and recently participated in tVN drama ‘Catch a Ghost‘ OST, continuing music activities.

  1. [+1,299, -48] Hul~what did she do at JYP for 7 years?
  2. [+1,183, -120] She must be so upset. She started way ahead of Baek Yerin when she debuted but now Baek Ye-rin is lining up the song charts while she’s sharing selcas daily on SNS. Her song isn’t even on the charts.
  3. [+534, -28] Frankly, Lee Ha Eun seems to be doing better that Park Ji Min these days..
  4. [+440, -87] I thought she had so much potential but when I heard her new song on YouTube I could tell her singing skills were lacking. What the hell happened at JYP? What a pity..
  5. [+380, -43] If you’re a singer then focus on singing and not doing Instagram. Is getting hearts there more important?
  6. [+129, -32] Even with the surgery her looks are still..
  7. [+64, -16] AI Unit 18
  8. [+40, -0] Frankly she has no shortage of skills she just lacked appeal to the public. It’s been a long time since she made a comeback and now Baek Yerin and Lee Ha Eun are better at singing than her. She’s not even close to #1 on the charts..
  9. [+46, -19] Why didn’t she lose weight in JYP? Whenever I look at her I can’t help but think of that pastry maker guy??
  10. [+25, -5] Instead of doing Instagram please focus on making music. Is your goal to be an IG model?
  11. [+23, -3] Honestly she has no hit songs. Let her just do SNS. 
  12. [+21, -1] Her selcas are so different from her press photos. She looks so different in real life its shocking.
  13. [+22, -7] So what does she do?
  14. [+12, -4] Ugly
  15. [+13, -7] Aren’t going to sing anymore? Is your aim to be an Afreeca BJ?

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